How to download video from Facebook

Hello friends! Facebook is basically a social networking website that has beed used to share status and pictures to friends and family. But now days facebook is knowing for video their video sharing platform. Now users can share and watch video to their friends and family easy using facebook.

By default facebook do not allow it's users to download and store videos from facebook. But there are several ways available that allow you to download video from facebook. Today I'm going to show you how you can download video from facebook with out using any software installed in you computer or mobile phone.

Go to from you computer or mobile phon using any web browser. Now play a video witch you want to download. Now copy the video link using the following way.

Now go to There you will find a text box. Now pest the video link on the text box and press the start button.

Now you will forward to the next page where you will find download options.

Now click on the download button to download the video.

This method is also applicable on mobile device, 


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