How to convert Facebook video to mp3

There are many videos on facebook right now. Some of them has awesome background sound. You want to keep it right?
You wish if you would can save it as a Mp3 file on your phone or device. But unfortunately it is not possible till now.
Today I'm going to show you how you can easily convert any facebook video into a mp3 file. For this you do not have to download any special software or app. You do not have to get any technical knowledge for it. It is super easy & any one can do it.

To convert facebook video into mp3 you just need to follow these simple steps:

Open the facebook video witch one you like to convert.
Now go to Facebook video converter
One you will find a box. pest the video link on that box

Pest the video link on that box and click on the convert button.
Your video with start to covert shortly 
After finishing encoding process you will find download button to save you mp3 file 

I hope you will live it!

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How to download Facebook Video Without Any APP

Hi there!
Facebook is growing day by day. Now it is more popular because of its video.  Many of our friends are uploading awesome videos to Facebook and we are enjoying it. Now facebook is the second most popular video sharing platform after YouTube.

Unfortunately there is no build in option is Facebook that can help you to download video directly to your device. But there is some tools available there that can help you for that. is one of them. It is an online tools. so you do not have to download any software or app to download Facebook video. To download Facebook video you need to follow the easy following steps:

1st. Open your Facebook video with one you want to download.
2nd. Now copy the video link

3. Now got to Facebook Video Download 
4. On pest the facebook video link on text box
5. Click on the download button to download your video.

Super easy right ?!
I hope you will enjoy it!

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